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Platform Repairs Complete 06/09/2023

Since installing the fishing platforms in Hereford during 2010 they have withstood some of the biggest floods ever recorded and have stood up to them very well. Annually we complete a risk assessment and audit the platforms for wear and identify any issues to our contractor to make repairs. Damage comes in a number of forms including general wear and tear, rot from aging wood, bank movement and disposable BBQ’s used by members of the public.

Rotten/damaged rails, posts and slats are replaced as required and platforms shored up when the bank has naturally moved.

The platforms have ensured that members can safely access our fishing rights; have helped prevent bank erosion and have ensured that the natural habitat between them is preserved for nature. In addition members of the public can easily access the river during events.

Here are some images of the recent work, peg 55 before and after showing how they can be re-levelled after natural bank movement and various other timber replacements.

Peg 55 Before
Peg 55 After
BBQ damage repair
Replacement post
Minor rot replacement
Peg 65 rotten steps replacement
Damaged front rail replacement
Rotten board replacement