Day Tickets

Day tickets to fish H&DAA running waters are available to purchase from the two tackle shops in Hereford and Alan’s Tackle in Worcester.

Tickets are not available for the Association pools or for certain sections of the river.

Tickets must be purchased from the shops prior to fishing. THEY ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON THE BANK.

Day tickets cover the period Sunrise to Sunset only. No night fishing.

Day tickets are not available for a Sunday on the Belmont section from September 1st to March 15th following.

A maximum of two rods can be used provided the appropriate fee has been paid.

Anglers should familiarize themselves with the rules printed on the back of the ticket before fishing.

FEESSalmonTrout & Coarse
Adult Day Ticket£20£10 one rod
£15 two rods
Junior Day TicketN/A£3 one rod
Adult Weekly Ticket£120£60 one rod
£90  two rods