The rules listed below refer to all types of fishing on Association waters.
Additional rules in respect of Coarse and Game fishing are listed at the bottom of the page.

General Rules

1. Fishing at all times must be in accordance with Environment Agency Byelaws including closed seasons. The Association reserves the right to impose a longer or additional closed season at its discretion.

Association Fishing seasons: (all dates inclusive)

Coarse: January 1st to March 14th  and June 16th to December 31st. There is no Closed Season on our Stillwaters.
Trout: March 17th to October 8th,
Salmon: March 3rd until 17th October.

2. All anglers must carry their current photo ID membership card or Day ticket with them at all times whilst fishing and at no time will fishing be permitted without an ID card or Day ticket. The rule book will not be accepted as proof of membership by the bailiffs.
3. All anglers should carefully read the rule book or the back of the Day ticket and familiarize themselves with all Association rules.
4. Members of the Association are expected to conduct themselves in a lawful manner whilst fishing. Any member found to be breaking the rules or whose conduct is considered inappropriate or brings H&DAA into disrepute, may be suspended or expelled from the Association.
5. If a membership card is lost it must be reported to the Membership Secretary as soon as possible. A duplicate will be issued on payment of a £10 fee.
6. No fishing from any bridge or its piers.
7. No digging of river banks.
8. All fishing on Belmont must be from permanent pegs only. Where available, platforms must be used at all times. (Strictly no fishing between pegs, around, or in front of platforms)
9. The Association has a zero kill policy. No fish of any species is to be taken or killed. Breach of this rule will result in membership being revoked and a possible life ban imposed.
10. No braided hook links allowed on any H&DAA waters.
11. Fishing with hand lines is forbidden.
12. Anglers must not under any circumstances light fires, whether on the river banks or any other Association waters.
13. Anglers must close all gates after them.
14. Anglers must take all their litter home with them and are warned that any discarded tackle, polythene bags, bottles, or any other form of litter left behind will result in expulsion from the Association.
15.  A maximum of two rods only to be used on Association waters (3-rod E.A. rod licenses DO NOT APPLY). The bailiffs will have zero tolerance if this rule is broken and it will result in an instant ban.
16. Members using two rods must ensure that the butts are no more than 2 metres apart. (This is an E.A. Byelaw)
17. Under no circumstances should rods be left unattended.
18.  All members must be in possession of a suitable landing net whilst fishing.
19. Night Fishing (Sunset to Sunrise) is restricted to adult members only.
20. No member to allow anyone else to use their rods or equipment, rod sharing is strictly not allowed, If caught doing so, you will be disciplined by the committee and could face expulsion from the Association.
21. Anglers must not under any circumstances light fires, whether on the river banks or any other Association waters.
22. Anglers must not moor or take a boat near a bank angler’s swim.
23. Trolling is forbidden.
24. Boat fishing is forbidden during the salmon season on the Vineyard beats Nos. 7 and 8.
25. No boats allowed on Association pools.
26. Senior Citizen and Registered Disabled Members already enjoy a reduction in subscription and are not required to do a Working Party.

Additional rules for Coarse Fishing:

  • Keepnets may be used, however, the Association reserves the right to change this at any time during hot weather or low water spells.
  • No fish to be retained in keepnets longer than 6 hours.
  • Poles must not be used within a radius of thirty metres of a pylon or electricity cable. Anglers must make themselves aware of these dangerous areas.
  • Drop shotting is permitted providing the weight is directly on the front of the jig head or on the bottom of the line. Lures can only be made of rubber, wood, or feathers with a maximum length of 3 inches or 75mm, and must not have any metal propeller blades or spoons attached.
  • Adapted or plastic lures are not allowed.
  • Drop Shotting is not permitted during the river close season from March 15th until June 15th inclusive.
  • No wire traces are to be used whilst Drop Shotting.
  • Specific Eel Fishing is banned on Association waters.
  • As per E.A. Rules, SHAD fishing is prohibited on all Association waters.

Additional rules for Trout Fishing:

  • All trout fishing is fly only.
  • All trout are to be returned to the water immediately.
  • Fly spoons are classed as spinning and are not allowed.
  • As per E.A. Rules, SHAD fishing is prohibited on all Association waters.

Additional rules for Salmon Fishing:

  • All Salmon caught must be reported to the Association as soon as possible. Details in the rule book.
  • The Association complies with all EA rules regarding Salmon Fishing so please note they are liable to change at any time.
  • All Association waters are catch and release and so great care must be taken whilst unhooking Salmon and wherever possible unhooking is encouraged without removing the fish from the river.
  • When more than one angler wishes to fish a beat, they may not take up a position and stand but must begin at the start of the beat and fish down through it, moving one yard after each cast. If, however, a salmon shows, the anglers opposite or immediately upstream of the fish may stand for not more than five minutes. When an angler reaches the end of the beat he may start again at the top, after waiting his turn in any queue which may have formed.
  • When an angler hooks a salmon, any other anglers on the beat or adjacent beats must stop fishing at once and give assistance if needed.
  • The Association supports and encourages the use of barbless and single hooks.
  • During the Salmon season, no spinning is allowed from Belmont match peg 1 downstream to the Old Wye Bridge.
  • Only barbless or de-barbed hooks can be used.
  • Fly refers to an unweighted artificial fly of less than 5g in weight.
  • Salmon flies (trebles) are allowed up to 7mm gape – approximately a size 8. If you use larger singles or doubles, they must be de-barbed or barbless.
  • Only single hooks are allowed on spinners, spoons, or plugs, with a maximum gape of 13mm.
  • Up to a maximum of 3 singles on a plug can be used.
  • Using treble hooks on spinners, plugs, or spoons is not permitted.
  • Worm or Shrimp fishing for salmon is prohibited at all times.
  • Using a float in conjunction with any lure or bait to take salmon is not allowed.
  • No wire traces are to be used.


Kelts, otherwise known as Unclean Fish, are salmon that have spawned but have not yet returned to the sea.

Kelts must be returned immediately taking great care and must not be recorded as a salmon caught.

Having a full Salmon Membership does not entitle you to use lures or drop shots during the river-closed season for coarse fish. Neither does it entitle you to use lures for coarse fish during the Salmon season. Any member found to be exploiting this rule will automatically face disciplinary action by the committee and could face a life ban.


Members’ details will be held on a computer database for administration, regulation, and mailing purposes only. They will not be shared with any third party unless the members’ written permission is received. Members’ details are removed from the database after two years unless they have rejoined.


Neither Hereford & District Angling Association nor any Member or Officer of the Association shall be liable for any damage, loss or injury sustained by a member or guest of a member or any other member of the public using the facilities on H&DAA waters for the purpose of leisure or angling activities.

Safety Policy
A copy of the H&DAA safety policy is available on request.