ABC Baits Winter League Round 1 23/10/22
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ABC Baits Winter League Round 1 23/10/22


Yesterday the highly anticipated first round of the 2022 ABC Baits Winter League took place with 72 anglers lining the banks of the River Wye at Belmont. The river had risen to 0.58m and was starting to drop. With temeratures of around 17C predicted, it was inevitable that bleak would feature in a lot of catches. This proved to be the case, as the large shoals of chub, dace and roach have not yet migrated in numbers to their winter quarters.There were still some good bags of chub, dace and perch caught. Individual winner on the day was Darren Frost who was pegged on the Tennis Courts stretch and put together a match winning chub weight of 79lb-13oz well ahead of second placed Hadrian Whittle who put 58lb-14oz on the scales.Third individually was Tony Birt with 50lb-1oz.

On the Team front, Cadence came out top with a total of 66pts ahead of Woodys and DH Angling who tied for 2nd place with 54pts.

Full individual results below.