The Elms & Holme Lacy 4 Fisheries
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The Elms & Holme Lacy 4 Fisheries

Monday May 30th 2022.

Hereford & District Angling Association are pleased to inform our members that we now control the fishing on the above fisheries. However due to its rural location, we have to adhere to certain restrictions set out by the landowners.

Access is restricted to five vehicles per day, but please note; there is plenty of fishing and so you are advised to car share in order to get the full potential.

We have now set up a booking in system in order to police the water correctly, you will need to provide your name/s, membership number/s, and vehicle registration,

In order to be fair to all members.

No block bookings will be accepted.

No bookings further than two weeks in advance.

Booking in will start from Monday 6th June. ( No calls after 9pm.)

Coarse members must be aware that this is also a Salmon fishery, therefore there may be times when you are asked to stop fishing and give way whilst a Salmon member fishes through your swim. If this occurs please be polite and courteous, they are perfectly entitled to do so and will give you the ultimate respect.

Members must also be aware there are different rules and restrictions in place whilst fishing here and so the following rules all apply.

The Elms & Holme Lacy 4

Members must book in at least 24hrs in advance on 07737 684963

Maximum of five vehicles per day,

(Strictly no other vehicles allowed to view or visit the water without prior permission).

Please note access is weather dependant and so there may be times when we have to close this fishery or restrict access to 4X4 vehicles only.

Gates must be left how you find them (if closed, close them behind you).

All vehicles must remain on the roadway track only.

Vehicles can go no further than the fishing hut, this is the parking and turning point.

A maximum of two vehicles can park where the track first meets the river, (you must park alongside the river and allow clear access for a tractor to pass with ease).

The only other parking is at the hut, (no parking behind pegs). 

Fishing sunrise to sunset only, (water must be cleared before dark).

NO boat fishing.

NO fires, BBQs or any other flame heated devices.

NO  dogs allowed.

NO Keepnets   

NO spinning (unless a Salmon member and during the Salmon season only.)

No drop shotting.

Any rubbish left will result in that member not being allowed to return and disciplined by the committee.

Any Salmon caught must be recorded with the Association.

All other rules as per current rule book.

Hereford & District Angling Association committee would like to thank you for your cooperation and wish you a very successful season.