Fish Rescue 15/1/23
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Fish Rescue 15/1/23

Sunday January 15th 2023.

With the River Wye in and around Hereford now having peaked and slowly starting to fall, there will be isolated pools of  water in adjacent footpaths and fields which will contain trapped fish fry of all species along with larger fish which will be unable to return to the main river. The bailiffs have already rescued several hundred fry and fish which have become stranded and no doubt there will be thousands of others as the waters recede.

If you are intending to go fishing in the next week or two please take a bucket and net with you to catch any fry/fish you come across and return them to the river. This will help maintain fish stocks in the coming years. In previous years a lot of fish have become trapped on the Bishops Meadows and were rescued by the EA and volunteers. If there are a lot of larger fish trapped or if you are unable to rescue them safely yourself then a call to the Environment Agency on their emergency helpline number 0800 80 70 60 which is open 24hours a day will get an urgent response. Further details can be found at Report an environmental incident – GOV.UK (

Many thanks for your help.