Membership Applications & Renewals 2023
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Membership Applications & Renewals 2023

Monday January 9th 2023.

As is to be expected at this time of year we have had a large number of renewals and applications for membership. Unfortuately some application/renewals have been posted to us with insufficient postage for the size of envelope. This is despite it clearly stating on the renewal and application forms, as well as being mentioned in the Annual Letter to make sure that you use the correct size envelope and correct postage.When sending your rule book back please open it out so that it is half the thickness and will fit through the 5mm slot that the Royal Mail use. Also please write your address on the back of the envelope. Some envelopes that have been received have been of a flimsy nature and of low quality leading to the contents being lost. Today there were around 6 envelopes which were held by the sorting office as they had insufficient postage on the outside. The Association will not pay excess postal charges as a result of applications lacking sufficient postage.The Sorting Office will send these envelopes to Ireland where they will attempt to identify the sender, before sending the letter back to the source. We are not told the name of the sender.This process can take around 6 weeks leading to a delay in you getting your membership processed. Please ensure envelopes and stamps comply with what is stated on the forms. Full details can be found on the membership page Membership – Hereford & District Angling Association (

Using non bar coded stamps.

Please be aware that Royal Mail are phasing out the use of non bar coded stamps and these cease to be valid after January 31st 2023. However they will continue to allow them to be used without further postal charges until 31st July 2023. Please ensure you use bar coded stamps to avoid any delay in your membership being processed. Further details can be found at Know where your old stamps are? | Royal Mail Group Ltd