28/9/22 When can I spin for Pike & Perch ?
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28/9/22 When can I spin for Pike & Perch ?

It has been brought to our attention by the bailiffs that there appears to be some confusion amongst members and Day Ticket holders as to when you are allowed to spin for coarse fish, particularly pike and perch.

Members holding a Trout & Coarse Membership or a Trout & Coarse Day Ticket are not permitted to spin for any coarse fish until after the end of the Salmon season on 17th October. This means you are not allowed to use any wobbling plug. lure or any revolving bait, fly spoon or spinner until 18th October on H&DAA waters

Possession of an E.A Salmon licence does not give you the right to spin on H&DAA waters unless you also have a Salmon membership.

Salmon membership allows you to spin for Salmon from March 3rd.until 31st August only. You cannot spin for Coarse fish until 18th Octber.

Drop shotting is permitted providing the weight is directly on the front of the jig head or on the bottom of the line. No wire traces are to be used whilst Drop Shotting and lures can only be made of rubber, wood, or feathers with a maximum length of 3 inches or 75mm, and must not have any metal propeller blades or spoons attached. Adapted or plastic lures are not allowed.Drop Shotting is not permitted during the river close season from March 15th until June 15th inclusive.

Please check your Rule book pages 8-15 for full details.